Dear All,

Thank you to all of you who replied to my request for advice regarding what
to do about managing a library at a distance. It was all very useful, and
has helped me make some preliminary decisions about what to do with the
collection. However, I have one further more specific question. It is in
relation to Interlibrary Loans. Do you think it is better to have
interlibrary loans sent directly to the users who are requesting them, or
to have them sent to me first, and then on to the requesters? The first
option has the advantage of decreasing time for the user, but makes it
difficult to keep control of things, especially in the case of books
borrowed from other libraries. The second enables me to keep more control,
but slows the process down for the user. Have any of you any experience
with this situation? (Just a reminder, the users are approximately 1000 km
away from me, so everything will be done using mail and fax).



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