CALL FOR PAPERS

 Earth surface processes, the cosmogenic nuclide perspective:
 methodological advances and applications

Symposium at the 24th General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society
(EGS) The Hague, The Netherlands, 19-23 April 1999

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the above symposium at next years

The symposium aims to cover all relevant aspects of the application
of cosmogenic nuclides to earth surface sciences. The topics of the
contributions requested for this session therefore encompass methodological
advances, such as spatial and temporal calibration of production rates,
analytical advances and novel sampling strategies, as well as application
relevant to landscape development, neotectonics and climatological

Associated symposia include "Erosion and tectonic movements", "Exhumation
processes: observational constraints and modelling" and "Evolution of
passive margins".

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 December 1998.

Originals of the abstracts should to be sent to the EGS office and copies
to the conveners (addresses below).

Guidelines for the format and submission of abstracts, registration forms,
as well as information about EGS support programmes for visiting the
meeting (for young scientists from Europe and North America and colleagues
from the former Soviet Union) can be obtained from the EGS office:

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We have tried hard to track down most e-mail adresses, however, we are aware
that the mailing list is far from being complete. Therefore, please forward
this message to any colleagues who you know that may be interested.

We look forward to seeing you in The Hague.


Tibor J. Dunai (convener)     Finlay M. Stuart (co-convener)

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