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                          Digital Steppingstones:
                      Enhancing Minority Participation
                           in the Information Age

               National Conference on Information Technology

                   Friday & Saturday, October 16-17, 1998
                             Irvine, California

                Presented by The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute

                            CONFERENCE LOCATION

                        Orange County Airport Hilton
                         18800 MacArthur Boulevard
                              Irvine, CA 92612

                             949/833-9999 phone
                              949/833-3317 fax

                              A CONFERENCE ON
                              TECHNOLOGY FOR:

                          Education Administrators
                            IT Program Directors
                       School Technology Coordinators
                            IT Industry Experts
                            Community Organizers
                            Anyone interested in
                      increasing access to information
                         technology for minorities

                              CONFERENCE FOCUS

   The Digital Steppingstones: Enhancing Minority Participation in the
   Information Age National Conference will convene practitioners and
   policymakers to address the essential questions of emerging
   information and communication technologies and their impact on
   minority communities nationwide.

   Information/instructional technology experts from across the U.S. will
   gather to explore ideas which will shed new light on the need for
   effective programs in K-12 schools, community centers and libraries
   serving disadvantaged and minority urban communities. Participants
   will have the opportunity to learn how new technologies are enhancing
   diverse learning environments through panel discussions, multimedia
   presentations, and demonstrations of innovative programs in
   educational settings. Based on the information  gleaned at the
   conference, proceedings and  papers will be published and disseminated
   to  key players who address issues related to minorities and
   information technology.

                       Topics to be Explored at the
                            Conference Include:

   How educational technology can improve student performance and skills

   Critical institutional needs which must be met to ensure successful
   information/instructional technology programs.

   Evaluation of programs using information/instructional technology.

   How telecommunications and computer industries work with K-12 schools,
   libraries, and community centers to develop meaningful and sustainable
   technology programs.

   Characteristics of innovative programs using information/instructional
   technology to bridge the gap between the nation's information "haves"
   and "have nots."

   Future trends regarding industry and policy initiatives to close the
   "digital divide."

                          PARTIAL LIST OF SPEAKERS

               Al Gore (invited), Vice President of the U.S.
     Larry Irving, Asst. Secretary for Communications and Information,
                        U.S. Department of Commerce
                Ricardo Tostado, Illinois Board of Education
             Xavier Becerra (invited), U.S. Congressmember, CA
         Yolanda Nava (invited), Life & Times, KCET-TV, Los Angeles
             Loretta Sanchez (invited), U.S. Congressmember, CA
                         Solomon Trujillo, U S WEST
                        Steve Crosby, L.A. Cellular
           Patricia Cabrera, Los Angeles Unified School District
    Linda Roberts (confirmation pending), U.S. Department of Education,
                           Technology Consultant
      Barbara O'Connor, Alliance for Public Technology, Sacramento, CA
            Patty Stonesifer (invited), Gates Library Foundation
                Ray Suarez (invited), National Public Radio
             Christine Master, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
           Gail Clement, Florida International University Library
                   Gary Serda (invited), Sun Microsystems
                Gilbert Castro, University of Texas-Houston
         Howard Michael Lappin, Foshay Learning Center, Los Angeles
                   Barbara Gubbin, Houston Public Library
             Jillaine Smith, Benton Foundation, Washington, DC
                 Carlos Solis, Hogg Middle School, Houston
        Sr. Jennie Lechtenberg, PUENTE Learning Center, Los Angeles
                     Nancy Clark, Arthur Andersen LLP,
             The School of the Future Initiative, San Francisco
             Silvestre Reyes (invited), U.S. Congressmember, TX
            Donald Lake, Los Angeles County Office of Education
             Laura Schuhmann, Northbrook Middle School, Houston


                              IBM Corporation
                             Hispanic Business
                               L.A. Cellular
                             Oracle Corporation
                                Pacific Bell
                            U S WEST Foundation

                             REGISTRATION FEES

   Full Conference $220
   Friday Only (reception and dinner not included) $85
   Friday Reception and Dinner Only $65
   Saturday Only $85

                               SLEEPING ROOMS

   $115 for a standard single or
   double when  reserved before
   October 2, 1998

   Call 1-800-HILTONS reservations


                     The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute
                     241 E. Eleventh Street, 3rd Floor
                          Claremont, CA 91711-6194
                             909/621-8897 phone
                              909/621-8898 fax
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