Hello Communet Members!

The Community Networking team at Univ. Michigan's School of Information
has a favor to ask. We're compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions
for our Community Connector website.  Since part of our mission is to be a
resource for Community Networkers, we wanted to ask YOU:

What questions do you think would be useful in a FAQ about Community

We'd like the FAQ to be especially helpful for folks who are starting or
maintaining CNs, so how-to questions are especially welcome!  Also, if
you've got leads (or links, or advice) for answers to your questions,
please let us know!

You can reply to me, or to [log in to unmask]

Thanks very much for your time and your helpfulness!  We really appreciate

Angela Napili
Community Connector website team

PS - We also invite you to see the latest issue of our online journal
"Connections," available on our website. There's an article about
Geographic Information Systems, and this week's News Briefs include
stories about community policing, new Commerce Dept. grants, and college
financial aid in the form of free laptops.