I am working on a presentation about why technology projects fail. If you
would like to share any stories or opinions, please email me (not the
mailing lists).

I'm asking myself the same questions that you may be: what kind of computer
project? Is the Y2K problem a sign of failure or what? And what does failure
mean and from what point of view would you describe it?

Since I am just starting with only my own knowledge of failures in a grant
program that I ran, I'm open to changing my thinking and even the phrasing
of the problem. The talk I give will be in early November at a conference on
utopian and dystopian views of technology, held in Los Angeles.

I'll post a general report after the conference.

Thanks for considering this request.

Steve Cisler
4415 Tilbury Drive, San Jose, CA 95130
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(408) 379 9076