NTT is sponsoring a several month long art show on Edo
at the national gallery of art in washington - running
from november 15 th to february 15 th.  A web site has
been created to document the exhibit ...

From the ad in today's NY Times,

Art in Japan
1615 -- 1868

With Power and Grace, the
Art of Edo Speaks

Edo -- an era of astonishing
creativity, from which some of
the greatest treasures of
Japanese art emerged. This
landmark exhibiion brings
nearly 300 Edo masterpieces
to the National Gallery of Art,
including many rare objects never
before seen outside of Japan.
Experience a vibrant culture as it
springs to life once more.

A leaded in telecommunications in
Japan, NTT is proud to sponsor
Edo: Art in Japan 1615 - 1868.
We believe that the study of history,
culture, and art is vital to promote
understanding and bring individuals
and society together.

National Gallary of Art
November 15, 1998 - February 15, 1999
Washington, DC
Call: 202-737-4215

The exhibition is organized by the
National Gallery of Art, Washington,
the Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan, and the Japan

It is supported by an indemnity from
the Federal Council on the Arts and
the Humanities.

Explore Edo at