We need some help for two ILL's
   1.  Oncology Times from sometime in the last six months had an article
about IRB-Institutional
         Review Board-guidelines for oncology.  The physician couldn't
remember which month but
         it was recent and the two places I tried to ILL didn't have the
newest issues.

   2.  Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession  3vo., no10,
page 1 july 1995.
        Have not been able to find anyone with this issue and the phone
number for the publisher
        in Seattle is disconnected.  The nurse would like to order a
subscription also.

   Any help would be great and we can pay for an ILL.  Thanks much.

Colleen Spagnola
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phone 1-847-933-6240
fax       1-847-933-3830