Dear Medlibbers

Following my call for help on this journal I have received info on it -
formerly J. Geriatric Dermatology - and details of the publisher but it
seems that no-one actually subscribes to it.

Before I contact the publisher PLEASE can anyone help?  Difficult to pay
dollar charges but can do so if sender doesnt mind waiting.  I'm hunting

Skin & (and) Aging (formerly J Geriatric Dermatology) 1998 v. 6 45-47

P/c would be very much appreciated.  If it's already on its way, many
thanks but I hadn't heard.

Many thanks also to those who responded to my cry for help on Z
kinderheilkunde 1939 - I have managed to obtain a copy.

Pat Tharratt
Calnan Library
St. John's Institute of Dermatology
St. Thomas' Hospital
London SE1 7EH