Matt Duffy <[log in to unmask]> writes:

>       One of my skis has recently sustained a fairly nasty gouge on
>it's topside(not the base). The evil perpetrator being it's twin(I
>crashed & burned). A small section of fiberglass was sliced away,
>leaving wood exposed.


If there's very much fiberglass _missing_ you may need to do a more
extensive repair than finding a glue that sticks.  I'd try an autobody
or marine fiberglass kit, sand/grind at least 1cm on all sides of the
gouge down to where you see glass fibers, then lay in a patch making
sure there are no bubbles.  Sand the excess smooth and paint the
surface with an epoxy clear coat (or other color for cosmetic reasons.)

For less serious gouges a bit of sanding then globbing on hot glue
(seems to stick to anything pretty well, and it's flexible if not
durable- may have to touch up a few times/season.)  Trim the excess with
a utility knife or razor blade.

Unless you seal the gouge well it's possible to get a fungus going in
the wood core, which will lead to further delamination etc.


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