Oops.  I scheduled my review session before the SAB/SAF/WS
scheduled this... but it's a direct conflict.  I'll start at 3 PM... and if
anyone wants to continue past 4:30.... I'll stay until they are tired
of working on ecology while listening to Christmas music.

Cheers,   Deane

The Student Advisory Board and the Student Chapters of the Wildlife Society
and Society of American Foresters will host a Holiday Celebration on
Wednesday, December 9, 1998 in the Atrium and Student Lounge on the first
floor of the Aiken Center starting at 4:00 p.m.  There will be plenty of
good food, drink and music.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO COME AND JOIN THE

There will be a tree set up in the Atrium and, if you wish, you can bring a
decoration to be placed on the tree.  There will be music (taped, of course)
but if you have a musical instrument and wish to honor us with a selection,
please feel free to do so.

This is a wonderful way to end the last day of classes and begin the holiday

Marcia Caldwell
Administrative Assistant
School of Natural Resources
The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT   05405
FAX 802-656-8683