sorry, when I started creating sites, I always used the
*.htmL extension, rather than *.htm(no L).  (I also always
used a INDEX.HTML instead of DEFAULT.HTM).  Microsoft, and
Microsoft Frontpage, have settled upon HTM and DEFAULT, so
when I create stuff, that is what is done by, er, default...

My fingers have muscle memory to add the "L" and the end of
every "htm"

The correct URL is

sorry for the confusion.

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--> Bill,
--> I tried to access the site you mentioned but
--> could not.  Was the server
--> just down or is the address wrong?
--> Bill Beymer BS, RVT, RDMS
--> Parkview Hospital
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--> William B. Schroder MD wrote:
--> > Vascular Technologist Wanted:
--> > Full Time, UMKC in Kansas City, MO
--> >
--> > Details at:
--> >
--> > http://www.vascularsurgery/com/vastech.html