Today's Jeopardy answer is "Expansion"

     The question is:

     Choice A:  What is the process that is occurring to our waistlines
     following all the good holiday meals and goodies?


     Choice B: What is the going on with the staff at the Karmody Vascular
     Laboratory in Albany, NY?

     The correct answer is B! (For some of us, it may be both!)

     With the New Year, the Karmody Vascular Laboratory is expanding again.
     We will be opening up two new satellite locations and need some
     additional staff.  We're looking for anyone interested in joining our
     fun crew up here in Albany.  Full-time, part-time, or per diem help is
     wanted.  Ultrasound experience in vascular is required; an RVT would
     be nice but not necessary. We're willing to train the right
     individual. Our main location at Albany Medical Center Hospital is
     staffed from 7:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday-Friday.  We have a rotating
     schedule which covers this main site plus our satellite locations.  We
     have brand new Unetixs PVR machines plus our old reliable Life
     Sciences units.  We have a new Siemens Elegra, three Diasonics
     Gateways, and an old Apogee. We have an excellent benefits package
     with tuition reimbursement, good medical and dental plans, pension
     plan, and a new hire would start with 20 personal/vacation days a
     year!  Our salary structure was just revised so we can be fairly

     If interested, please contact Ann Marie Kupinski at
     518-262-5050, or via fax at 518-262-6686, or via e-mail at
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     Jeopardy fans or trivia buffs welcome!  Happy New Year!