All of us who are int eh software industry want to accomplish the same things
with the labs. I am also an old RVT and know there is room for many different
software packages in teh market and around the world.

It must be kept to the private addresses however as this list service is a
benefit to many people who depend upon it to provide them with information
regarding many things in our field.

You are not the first and I am sure you will not be the last.

I am sure I will let anyone know of the advertising issue here in Flownet as
tehy come up and it is not meant to be mean just to keep you and all vendors
doing what they should regardless of what they are selling.

I also would urge the end users of software to voice their opinions regarding
software  and equipment regardless of how it sounds as that is sometimes the
only way some people in this market will find out the truth about things as I
am sure you all will agree.

Everyone has an opinion and that is what this list is all about.

Hey have a Very Merry Christmas Flownet people...