Here we go with the sales pitch again. Bill said in his original post that he
did not want to get this debate going again as he only wanted to hear from
people who used the program. You have not used the program and I know your are
a vendor so why answer here?

Mike if you want to advertise pay for it in ads or mailings otherwise please
respond to these people at their private e-mail address as this is not the
place for the sales pitch as you have presented it. You may also be surprised
at who will interface with what one day.

I could say many things about other programs as well as other interface
capabilities but will not on a public list service as this is.

Please pay closer attention to what you are doing in responding to these
questions and do it with their private e-mail address.

Incredible...407 people on the list service. Perhaps the list should charge a
fee for these advertisements. That would surely stop this.