1.  Marsha is absolutely correct.  The LMRP that this email references deals
only with the radiology diagnostic ultrasound CPT codes.

2.  Xact has posted their LMRP (and others) on their web site.  The entire
document can be found at
(Xact has arguably the best carrier web site, posting all their current
LMRPs as well as payment information, etc. - I encourage you to visit).

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     Vascular lab compliance is mandated for January 1, 1999.  I believe
that Frank's note applies to other ultrasound disciplines.

Marsha Neumyer, BS, RVT
Hershey, PA

>>> "Anna McGonigal, RN, RVT" <[log in to unmask]> 12/24 2:06 PM >>>
   Is Pa. one of the states scheduled for  the year 2000 for compliance?  I
was under the impression that Pa. medicare rules were going into effect in
1999.  Thanks for being so diligent in following medicare regulations, we
owe you a big one!!!