We have evaluated several accreditation software options and we are leaning toward "In Record Time".  It is a MS Access based system, is simple to use, it can be customized to your facility, and it is all inclusive.  Datacheck was not as complete as InRecordTime.  Just our opinion.  InRecordTime

Good luck

Cindy Roszel

>>> Tom Hargens <[log in to unmask]> 11/30 10:12 PM >>>
I would appreciate any input re: accreditation software.  Currently, Vascu Pro
is being used.  Does anyone else find this to be a time-consuming program?

The lab is looking at Data Check as a possible replacemet.  Does anyone have
anything good or bad to say about this program?  Other programs to consider?

Eventually, the lab would like to use the program for both vascular and echo

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Thomas J. Hargens, R.T., R.V.T.
Pro Vascular Services, Inc.