I never received a copy of this original message, I just am replying to
a reply.

I too have a problem with unsolicited faxes, its very aggrivating,
especially when I need the fax machine for something else.   I don't
have time to call these solicitors up and tell them to remove me.  Here
in the Chicago Illinois area, a major phone company, Ameritech, has a
big campaign to get you to pay a monthly fee to screen OUT telephone
solicitors!!  I become greatly peeved when I hear or see this slick add,
especially with the folksy jingle taken from the song "American Pie".
GRRR  Why should I have to pay extra to screen out calls that I do not
want??!!   I guess I would say that too much freedom is not freedom at
all in this case.


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> >>> Robert Mohrman
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>      Not that I'm suggesting this as a solution, but a few years
>      back in another library I worked in,
>      we would turn the fax machine off after hours (4:30 pm
>      to 8:00 am).  It worked marvelously, because it seems most
>      unsolicited faxes came during the evening (perhaps it is cheaper
>      to saturate the phone lines of America then?).
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