I am replying to the list because I'll take any opportunity to talk
about Aries Knowledge Finder.  I have been using Aries products since I
took this job 2 1/2 years ago.  I have used all the competitor's
products at previous jobs, and I've tried demos of the competition in
the last couple months, and I'll still pick Aries any day.  Why?--

--KF is the simplest for novices.  In a hospital setting I help
beginners everyday--students, nurse techs, housekeepers, even doctors
who are just getting started with computers.  It takes about two minutes
to show a patron how to open the program and type their subject in the
blue box.  A list of titles pops up, and they just pick the ones they
--For more experienced searchers, all the advanced features like MESH,
ages, journal titles, etc., are right there and easy to use.
--Aries prices are reasonable.  There are no annual access charges or
other silly fees.  For five simultaneous users on our networked Medline
CD, I am paying $3,790.  For four users on Cinahl I pay $1,810.
--Everyone at Aries is wonderful to deal with.  It's a small company,
and you can tell it in their friendly, personal service.

We have Medline, Cinahl, HealthStar, and ClinPsyc in CD-ROM form, and
they are networked throughout the hospital.  We also have an internet
account for Medline so our doctors can search at home or anywhere.

I don't mean this to sound like a sales pitch.  Just sharing my honest

Beth Treaster
Health Sciences Library
Saint Francis Hospital
6161 S Yale
Tulsa, OK  74136

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