Which is exactly why I don't have any problem with my position on
the subject -- I don't put myself in the job of being any sort of keeper
of the nebulous Good Taste pedestal.  I look at it from a "what's fraud
waste/abuse & what ain't" perspective.  If someone wants to get themselves
in dutch, I figure it's their business (gets back to my comment last
week about individual logins, about which more in a sec).  However
if management says that employees aren't allowed to do it & I'm
part of management (which in my case I am as a department head) then
I *am* remiss in my job if I don't do it.  To me, it's not a freedom of
thing, it's a  "You know this isn't allowed on the job" thing.

Where I am, of course, it's all academic anyway. Here we all have
individual accounts.  All LAN machines are capable of Internet access,
but browser/bookmarks/e-mail/etc., are all keyed to the individual user,
not individual machines; I can log into my settings from any machine in the
med group because all the net software is LAN-based, not hard drive
based.  There *are* temp accounts, but Internet access isn't enabled for

Bill N.

From: Barbara A Epstein

As a librarian, I would be very reluctant to be the arbiter of public (or
institutional) taste with respect to defining what is pornography and
indecent information.  This is especially true in health care