The Association for Library Collections and Technical Services has a
listserv, Preservation Administrators Discussion Group (padg), which
covers preservation issues including environmental, biological,
chemical, and physical factors which includes pest control
(This includes mold and fungi).

An excellent book that describes a more environmentally friendly (and
thus more healthy) method of pest control called Integrated Pest
Management is:

J. HARMON: Integrated Pest Management in Museum, Library, and
Archival Facilities: A Step by Step Approach for the Design,
Development, Implementation, and Maintenance of an Integrated Pest
Management Program. Indianapolis, IN, 1993. Available from Harmon
Preservation Pest Management, P.O. Box 40262, Indianapolis, IN, USA
46240.      Manual covers monitoring, identification, and
non-chemical and chemical strategies for pest control for insects
and other pests.

Another book on this topic is:

Wellheiser, Johanna G.  Nonchemical Treatment Processes for
Disinfection of Insects and Fungi in Library Collections.  London, K.
G. Saur, 1992.  (IFLA publications 60)


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