I've encountered the turned off fax machine when trying to fill a document
requests.  It's frustrating.  As a one person library, I can't stand at the fax
machine continuously.  So far I've only had this happen with physician's
offices.  It has made the difference between delivering the requested item by
the date needed or not.

Beatrice F. Nichols
Health Sciences Library
Maryview Medical Center
Portsmouth, Virginia

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Subject: Re: faxed medical advertisements
Author:  Robert Mohrman
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Date:    12/9/98 7:45 AM

     Not that I'm suggesting this as a solution, but a few years
     back in another library I worked in,
     we would turn the fax machine off after hours (4:30 pm
     to 8:00 am).  It worked marvelously, because it seems most
     unsolicited faxes came during the evening (perhaps it is cheaper
     to saturate the phone lines of America then?).

Bob Mohrman
Medical Library
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington DC
Phone: (202)782-6547 (voice)
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