Here at UM we have the Gifts of Art program. You can get more info on it at:

Katherine L. Bell, MSI
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University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
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>>> Nancy Manninen <[log in to unmask]> 12/10 10:16 AM >>>
Hello -

Our hospital is building a new facilty to be completed in the beginning
of 2000 (we hope). Due to my interest in medical history, photography
and art, our CEO has asked me to work on two components: a permanent
exhibit of historical photos and other objects and organization of an
art program for the new building.

If anyone has developed an historical gallery in their hospital, I would
appreciate ideas particularly on practical implementation. (I am
planning to be in Chicago in May so any Chicago hospitals, I might be
able to visit) Any printed information would also be useful.

There is a hospital in Ann Arbor that has a well-developed art program.
Does anyone know which one and a contact person?

Your suggestions would be most appreciated.

Nancy Manninen
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