Gentle reminder:  NLM has a toll-free number where you can get the answer
directly from the horses' mouth, as it were.  Peer help and support is great
to a point.

Yes there is a problem with MeSH Browser at PubMed.  I called and reported
it yesterday - I'm sure I'm wasn't the first nor the only one to report it.
But unless someone places a trouble call, we can't expect vendors to know
there's a problem, nor fix it.

It's not my intention to flame the author of the original message.  I've
seen too many of this type of question posted to various 'Net groups
(Usenets, e-mail discussion lists) and have to put in my $0.02 - let the
vendor know there's a problem.

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> Has something happened with PubMed over the weekend?
> I've sent a message to NCBI regarding the MeSH Browser...not letting me
> choose choices that are there.