Went to Mommy & Daddy's for Christmas Day.

        I did get the following:

        1.)  A 50 year anniversary MRG boot bag.  (Mom sez that the service was
        2.)  A terrific poster of Tuckerman's Ravine from a Feb 1969 (huge snow
month) aerial photo that        actually labels several of the runs.
        3.)  A 26 minute tape titled "Ravine" that is about Tuckerman's Ravine.

        Numbers 2 and 3 came from the New England Ski Museum of which SkiVittles
David Sunshine plays a major role in.  Mom has ordered several items from
there for me and has ALWAYS gotten outstanding service.
        The film "Ravine" is outstanding.  It truly captures the spirit of the
place.  There's historical footage showing Toni Matt and Joe Dodge,
interviews with USFS personnel and interviews with regular people just like
you & I.  The latter are identified not as skiers or boarders or hikers but
rather as "Ravine Enthusiasts" - makes for a nice touch.  The film is
highly recommended.
        Did any of you folks get any special ski related toys?