TellyDoogie wrote:
> any special ski related toys?

bootdryers and neckwarmers and other cool (uh, warm) stuff, but the best
was a total surprise Vew-Doo board (balance thing on a roller). It's the
most fun I've had indoors (ok, no wisecracks,. You know what I mean and
let's just leave it at that).

Fairly easy to stand on snowboard style, with feet 90 degrees to board.
Much harder to use tele style, with feet in line with board, one in
front and one in back. It's challenging and fun. Added challenge is
getting it away from snowboarder daughter Laura (celebrating her 16th
today, which you could care less about but as a proud poppa, I cannot
resist mentioning).

Other neat thing about it is seeing the expression on non-skiing wife
Barb's face. She gave it to me--very generous and thoughtful; it really
was a total surprise--but she had no idea it moves around so much. She's
terrified of it. I mean watching. Using it is out of the question. She
wants to send it back but Laura and I said no way.

Anybody have any fun tricks, tips, things to try on a Vew-Doo?