Conditions out here in (not VT) Colorado continue to improve.  Went up to catch a morning's turns at Mary Jane before returning to Denver to watch the Broncos beat Seattle and Terrell Davis surpass Y2K (Yards 2000) for the season.

Snow started to fall at a steady pace as I departed I-70 for the drive over Berthoud Pass.  As I pulled into my free parking space in the front row alongside the Mary Jane's Challenger cahir at about 8:15 AM the parking lot's tire tracks revealed what looked like about 1-2" of new snow.

Gliding down to the Summit Express, things looked much improved over last Friday, with some shallow untracked snow coating the trails.  A quick warm-up down Sleeper found this to be true - 1-3" untracked along the sides - very nice, with only a little manmade firm surface underneath to keep you on your edges.  I next hit Little Ten, a Mary Jane bump run that had just the fewest number of rocks showing the troughs.  Almost getting to Colorado-type surface now.  I caught up with a guy I'll call "Racer John" and spent the rest of the morning chasing him down what MJ had to offer - Drunken Frenchman, Gandy Dancer, Narrow Gauge, another Sleeper.  We even went off the backside to the Sunnyside lift and found a little undisturbed snow to play in.  No lines to speak of until around noon when I packed it in after 9 runs (16,200 vertical feet).

A great morning's skiing, snowing all the time with about 2" accumulation, followed by watching the World Champion Denver Broncos do their stuff in Mile High Stadium where it was sunny and about 40oF, in contrast to the 20oF and snowing up in the High Country.  Mountains of Colorado are expecting additional 3-6" today and tomorrow.

Jonathan Kamien
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