Echoing Todd's comments on Jay today:
>Not much new to say except that the windstorm that
shut most of the lifts down two days ago did a very effective job of
scouring the mountain. The snow is now starting to get *very* firm in many

Things are much the same at SB. At South...
Upper Jester in pretty decent shape, Lower OK with some resurfacing
happening in the more scraped areas; Upper Grinder has sections of hardpack
but still edgeable, Middle in good shape, blowing snow the past 36 hours on
Lower so should be open tomorrow. Extensive snowmaking on Waterfall and Hot
Shot, so I expect those to be opened tomorrow as well. Birch Run off North
Lynx was better than yesterday but still rattley and thin in spots with one
unavoidable ice chute on the last pitch before the runout. Crowds about
double of yesterday. Even the green Pushover got very skied-off by 2:30 -
I'd hate to be a beginner today trying to negotiate sections of that trail.

Visted North in the PM for the first time after the rain - what a
difference a few days makes - both good and bad! Cruiser and Northstar are 
now in excellent shape (if you consider 3-4 inches of velvety man-made
excellent). The only problem is what you had to put up with to get to them:
Lower Rim Run (from the top of the NR quad) was hardpack/icy on any of the
steeper pitches - ditto for Lookin Good (blowing on upper LG); ditto for
upper Rim Run. (FIS ungroomed but closed and making snow atop the ice
bumps.) Now what can I say about Elbow? I've been skiing SB for about 16
years and I'm trying to remember when I've seen Elbow with more ice - not
Eastern hardpack, not frozen granular, but bullet-proof,
stuff-that-belongs-in-a-glass-of-Scotch-and-not-on-a-ski-trail, ice.
Crampons would have been more effective. Today, upper Organgrinder was
easier than Elbow. I continue to hope that someday SB management and/or ASC
(whoever was responsible for the decision) will realize the stupendously
profound mistake of ripping out lift access to the Glen House area from the
base, thus relying on the North Ridge Express detachable for access to 75%
of the mountain.

For anyone considering earning turns or poaching (eg: Black Diamond does
appear to have just barely enough coverage on a single tight line on
skier's extreme left; upper,upper,upper Castlerock Run maybe appears to be
covered) - any natural, ungroomed snow has set up *very* firmly.

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