Hi All,

Your friendly list administrator here.  I'm really glad to see people are
starting to use the list to communicate.  As we all know, the more people
we get onboard to participate the better it will work.  If there is anyone
who has access to a statewide newsletter or communcation it would be
great if they could include a plug and the instructions to join.

I was trying to remember if I sent out the instructions on how to get the
UVM computer to send you just ONE EMail message per day which includes a
digest of all the messages sent to the MuniNet list.  Probably won't hurt
to send it again.

Send an EMail message to "[log in to unmask]" with the subject line
BLANK and the one line message "set muninet digest"  eg:

To: [log in to unmask]
set muninet digest

Anyway, lets keep those cards and letters comming (electronically, of


Peter Brownell                              EMail: [log in to unmask]
University of Vermont                       Phone: 802-656-5711
Department of Continuing Education          FAX  : 802-656-1347
460 South Prospect St, Burlington VT 05401  WEB  : www.uvm.edu/~pbrownel