The Clerk's Association newsletter will be going out shortly and a request
should be on the front page for all clerks to sign on.  I hope it gets them
going and I will keep encouraging all those I talk to.


At 09:00 AM 1/7/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Your friendly list administrator here.  I'm really glad to see people are
>starting to use the list to communicate.  As we all know, the more people
>we get onboard to participate the better it will work.  If there is anyone
>who has access to a statewide newsletter or communcation it would be
>great if they could include a plug and the instructions to join.
>I was trying to remember if I sent out the instructions on how to get the
>UVM computer to send you just ONE EMail message per day which includes a
>digest of all the messages sent to the MuniNet list.  Probably won't hurt
>to send it again.
>Send an EMail message to "[log in to unmask]" with the subject line
>BLANK and the one line message "set muninet digest"  eg:
>To: [log in to unmask]
>set muninet digest
>Anyway, lets keep those cards and letters comming (electronically, of
>  Pete
>    :-)
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