Mary, You indicated that we would have to bill from the local level the way
the state is going to bill with the moneys being due at their time frame.

My understanding (and I could be wrong) would be that we bill the state
portion at the local level just as we did this year (98) on our regular
property tax bill.  The payment schedule for collection would be the one
established by the town.  The town would then need to send the state or the
school the money as usual to keep things operating.

I don't see this being any different then what you have been doing, with
the exception of where you might have to send the money and when, plus the
fact that the moneys would be kept local for cash flow and investment until
it had to be sent.

The taxpayer would still be getting the one tax bill from the town, but it
would show the different collections as it did this year, but only the town
pay cycle.