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   at 04:28 PM, JAMES MICHAEL KUSACK <[log in to unmask]>

>Ken's report is correct:  Lots of snow, great fun.

>Ramdom observations:

>1.  I really wish Peter or someone from Burke would run a groomer
>along the upper and lower traverses on East Bowl.  So much snow to
>trudge thru on  those flats.  Good exercise, I know.


They usually do.  I'll bet it gets done again before the weekend
unless tonight and Friday are too big a dump.  That could happen.

>6.  Here's the pathetic bit:  made a couple of trips into trees.
>Too much snow for my feeble skills. I kept getting buried in
>waste-deep powder.  At minimum I need a few boarders to ride thru
>and show me the way.  I know, pathetic.

Forget the boarders.  Look for Chris Bengsten (a hospitality lady
on weekends).  She'll usually hangs out around the bottom of the
Sherburne trail.  Chris will show you a bunch of ways.  When she's
had nothing else to do she's even escorted me through a few.


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