Ken Hildick wrote:

> Doug wrote:
> <<        One day of ice and 2 days of rain and 40 degrees won't even make
> a dent in this moisture rich snowpack.
>         Doug
> >>
> Pretty bad thaw at my house in Burlington over the weekend. I imagine the
> mountains got "dented" too.

I'd agree with Doug about the 2 days of 40 degrees, but unfortunately I think
we got closer to 50 than most of us would have liked.  It doesn't look like
we got as much rain as we could have though.  At my place in Burlington,
although the snow has taken a pretty good hit, there is more ground covered
with snow than not, that's better than I expected to see at this point.
Cooler temps are on the way now, it has been cooling off most of the day.