Totally agree, the manmade snow was sort of, in a strange sensation, like
skiing on styrofoam.  Hard looking, yet soft, well groomed, and the more
you scraped it, the more (anbd not less with ice beneath) snow it yielded.
Was indeed a very fast day. I'm a telemarker with a blue and white
snowboard looking jacket, maybe you might have seen me.
Being that I just read the "if you missed the Plaid thread" section of the
skivt-l web site for the first time, I now understand...

I could not, however, find very good powder.  The bush was fairly packed,
lots of people running around.  Ripcord was decent, groomed, with some
good bump lines to the left, Organ Grinder groomed flat but a nice with
the superside cut Rossi Attaque teles of demo day this morning, even
though I was suprizingly pleased to get back on my own boards (sort of
breathed pleasure into knowing my skis actually aren't total pieces of
crap).  Went over to morning star for the sun in the afternoon, along with
everyone else.  In the trailmap it says there's a terrain park at the
bottom but I guess they decided to can that one, morning star it selfwas
just as Lars descibed it, bare, all of the incredible soft lines of
friday were scraped off.  So we decided to seek pow pow, and hiked the
closed(!) area of Castle Rock.  Made it about 3/4 of the way to the top
via Lift Line, and cruised down.  Unforunately, Lift line was a combo of
ice and windpacked crust (yes, definetetly a few wipeouts), with
occational phenominal powder, until we hit toll road (the green circle),
took that to avoid the crapola that was beneath us, and to the left side
of the castle rock area looking down (forget the name of the trail) was
incredible untouched powder with bumps beneath.  Quite nice, indeed.  So,
when hiking if anyone decides to do it, there isn't much just at the
bottom and extreme right (looking up) of the whole area.
We took lots of cruisers, groomed was nice, encountered very little ice...


On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Lars Bruns

> It was beautiful today - views to the 'daks, to Mt. Washington, Franconia
> Ridge, Ktown, etc.  Another bluebird day.  North was quiet all day, and
> certainly colder.  Cruiser has fully recovered from the snowmaking debacle
> earlier in the week.  Making snow in this cold must be difficult, however
> it does yield an interesting silky texture.  Sunrise was the pick of the
> day, with nice bumps up top and some subdued whales down below.  Twist,
> paradise, and morning star had fair coverage, but could use a little fix of
> the white stuff.  Those three skied exactly the same.  What's with ripcord?
> This used to be a cool single black that bumped up with consistent bumps
> left to right, top to bottom.  I'm not sure if I like it or not, but
> there's been a lot of snowmaking there this year, and not a ton of
> grooming.  Hmmm, undecided.  A very fast day.
> LB
>                                   n n n n