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Subject: [BRC-ALL] Joint Radical Statistics and British Society for Social              Responsibility in Science (BSSRS) Conference
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Subject: Joint Radical Statistics and British Society for Social              Responsibility in Science (BSSRS) Conference

Joint Radical Statistics and British Society for Social Responsibility
in Science (BSSRS) Conference

Saturday 27 February 1999
9.30 am to 5 pm

Old Lecture Theatre
London School of Economics
Houghton Street, London

9.30am to 10.00am Conference Registration and Welcome

RADICAL STATISTICS 25th Anniversary Conference
"Social Statistics and Social Movements in the 21st Century"

10.00am - 10.30am:      Audrey Wise MP

Statistics in Politics: a view from the back benches'

Audrey Wise, Labour MP for Preston, will talk about the role of statistics
in politics in general and her experience as an MP and a  member of the
House of Commons Health Committee in particular.

10.30am - 11am:         Julian Tudor Hart

'Going for Gold: human biotechnical evidence as a successor to coal'

Julian Tudor Hart has worked for 30 years, as a GP in Glyncorrwg, a mining
village in South Wales.  He devised the 'Inverse Care Law' in 1971 and has
contributed substantially to clinical epidemiology and to the development
of general practice.  He has also been particularly interested in ways of
reducing inequalities in heath and of involving patients and medical
workers together in the co-production of health.

11am:                   Coffee and Tea with biscuits

11.30am to 12.00pm:             Ivan Turok

'Will Welfare to Work reduce Unemployment?'

Welfare to work has become a flagship policy of the Labour Government. Ivan
will examine its rationale, consider why it has been well received in many
quarters and offer an objective assessment of its prospects, drawing on
recent research into the geography of the labour market and the latest
official statistics on the performance of the New Deal in different areas.

12.00pm to 12.30pm:             Ruth Levitas

'Defining and Measuring Social Exclusion'

Social exclusion is a very flexible concept susceptible to
moral/authoritarian as well as egalitarian interpretations.  Both
definition and measurement of exclusion are consequently the subject of
current controversy, while the nature of the social inclusion Labour will
pursue will be revealed by the indicators chose to monitor it.  Ruth is
author of The Inclusive Society? Social Exclusion and New Labour.

12.30pm-1.00pm:         Ludi Simpson

'Who's Missing from Statistics. A review'

Ludi has recently completed a world survey of 'missing data'.  He is joint
editor of the Radical Statistics book Statistics in Society with Danny

1pm-2pm:                Sandwich Lunch with drinks (LSE's finest!)

2pm - 2.30pm:           Radical Statistics AGM:

Troika elections, Web Site discussion and much more

2.30pm- 3.00pm: Jeff Evans, Alison Macfarlane, John Bibby and Roy Carr Hill

'Lessons and Laughs from the last 24.51 years'

JE: has taught social statistics and research methods at Middlesex and the
Open Universities.  Co-editor of Demystifying Social Statistics.  Engaged
in research on mathematical thinking, emotion and "transfer" to other
AM: has long been involved in the Radical Statistics Health Group and its
publications.  She is interested in the interface between health policy and
the interpretation of official statistics.
JB: has taught statistics at an old university, the Open University, and a
new university.  Now engaged in publishing and popularising maths and
R C-H: has taught statistics and done research in health and economics at
Universities and the OECD.  With experience in former Portuguese colonies
in Africa, he is also currently involved in education for international

3.00pm to 3.30pm:       Tea and Coffee with biscuits


3.30pm-4.00pm:          Hilary Wainwright

'A Socialist Science Policy'

Hilary is Editor of Red Pepper.  During the 1980s, she was prominent in the
Combine Shop Stewards movement centred on the Lucas Plant.

4.00pm-4.30pm:          Tim Lang

'Food Policy and the UK Radical Science Movement 1975-2000:
from local to global?'

Tim will look at the radical science movement's gestation of the new food
movement (in which he has been a foot soldier) from the 1970s to present

4.30pm-5.00pm:          Peter Harper

'Techno Anthropology in the Home'

Peter Harper is a senior staff member at the National Centre for
Alternative Technology.

5.30pm:                  End of conference

Adjourn to "The George", 213 The Strand, London for drinks and convivial
discussion in a pub frequented by Oliver Goldsmith and Samuel Johnson in
the eighteenth century. At 6.30 there will be a hot two course meal with
meat and vegetarian options followed by sweets, Please order food in
advance on the booking form below.  Guests not attending conference welcome.
 Joint Radical Statistics and British Society for Social Responsibility
in Science (BSSRS) Conference


Address 1
Address 2:
Address 3:
Postcode:                        .

Telephone No:
Fax No:

e-mail:                                 .

Do you want vegetarian food? (please circle answer):            Yes

Do you have any other dietary requirements? (please specify):

There is disabled access to the Old Lecture Theatre.  If you are a disabled
person, do you have any other requirements of which we should be aware?



Conference fees:

Radical Statistics Members:     20.00 if waged, 10.00 if unwaged
Non members:            25.00 if waged, 12.50 if unwaged

(For non-members the fee includes a year's free introductory membership of
Radical Statistics - this offer is only for people who are not currently

The evening meal afterwards at the George, 213 The Strand (which was Oliver
Goldsmith's and Sam Johnson's local), will cost another 10.00 per person,
but must be booked on this form and paid in advance.

Registration (please tick as appropriate):      20.00
Plus evening meal:                              10 00 (for one)
                                        20.00 (for two)

Cheque enclosed for Total:                            ..
Do you require a receipt? (please circle)               Yes             No

Please send the completed booking form and your cheque made payable to

Pete Latarche
10 Ruskin Avenue
Bradford BD9 6EB


This note is both to inform you of the details of the forthcoming Radical
Statistic/British Society for Social Responsibility in Science Conference,
and to solicit your help in publicising it. Details are in the attached

BSSRS, as you will know, ceased breathing some years ago. But Radical
Statistics is very much alive, and indeed experienced a major surge of
interest at its 1998 Conference. This year's, on Saturday February 27th at
LSE, is the Rad Stats 25th anniversary Conference. It has offered BSSRS a
starring role (and we have put together a stimulating panel of speakers) for
two reasons. First, to acknowledge the help which BSSRS provided to Rad
Stats in its early days. But second, and more important, to test the water
to see whether the sharp growth of interest which it has experienced applies
more generally to radical science. The conference, then, is an opportunity
to discover the extent of a radical science constituency for the next
millenium (or at least the start of it).

To do this we need to get this message round to a wide spectrum of
scientists and those whose work centres on science. Therefore we would be
very grateful if you could post the details on any relevant lists of which
you are a member, or where you think you might persuade the list owner to
take it. (If you could let me know which lists you are able to cover, so
much the better, but it is not crucial.) Additionally, if you can think of
sympathetic individuals who might do likewise on other lists, it could help
to spread the word more widely. Time is short.

With thanks in advance
Jonathan Rosenhead
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