ASC Fantasy Lift & Snow Report for Pico: claims 5-8 inches new snow past 2
days, 26 trails open.

Reality Check:  Heavy-duty washout AFTER the initial snowfall; 3 routes down
the mountain open today (not counting the baby slope near the base lodge).
Lower mountain:   two trails open and groomed: solid bulletproof.  Temps
stayed low today despite the sunshine, and the snow surface barely budged.
Pole plants = dislocated wrists.  Glad I sharpened the edges last night!
Only 49'er open off the summit, but snow guns running up there all day long.
That area should be in good shape for the weekend (assuming they get enough
snow over the ice).

One chairmate groused that he'd skied Killington yesterday.  Reported that
the ice pack there was worse than at Pico (some consolation!), but was more
annoyed that 50 percent of the trails were closed (by his estimate), and
they were still charging full price!

Noticed that the ski patrol was removing the protective bumpers from the
snow gun outlets on Upper Expressway, as if they intend to keep that trail
closed for the foreseeable future.  Larry - any indication that they've
thrown in the towel on that trail?

Cookie Melrose