In a message dated 2/5/99 10:34:52 AM, Dana wrote:

The good news is that the freeze/thaw cycles this week have mostly
consolidated the snowpack in most of New England and bonded the layers
well.  The bad news is that it's left a smooth, hard to bond to glaze
on top.  Should we be lucky enough to get a big dump soon it could be
very unstable in spots for days or weeks.  But let's hope for that
storm anyway :-)


Boy Dana are you an optimist.   God grant us that we should ever get enough
light pow to make a slide on top of our typical eastern bulletproof base.
Here is a list of weather possibilities that are likely based on my experience
in the Green Mts.

First: Killer thaw melts everything.  You never know.

Second.  Huge northeaster moves in.  1" of cement that bonds to the base
followed by 3" of fluff as the cold air comes in from behind.

Third.  See above but with 6" of cement and 18" of fluff.  This has happened.
The perfect storm bonds to the base and has enough fluff to get us skiing the
whole mountain again.  Every once in a while we get these huge dumps that
remind me why I live in the East.  I'm nuts.  God do we need snow now.  I'm
going nuts.  I just sharpened my GS skis again because I know that without
edges tomorrow I'm toast.  Let's pray for pow.