On Thursday, February 11, 1999 8:52 PM, Todd Murchison
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> >Okay, but what about the architecture?  And does everyone wear a cowboy
> hat?
> If you are a native New Englander can you make the adjustment without too
> much
> culture shock?<
>         Its uglier because the trees are not as dense, the average
density of
> population in Colorado is actually far lower than in VT - but in many
> it looks much more dense because the trees are so much more thin.

        As a whole, the population density is less because of the substantially
larger area which encompasses some unspoiled, open areas.  But, if you took
a, let's say, 30 mile radius of Denver, then it's a different story.

>         No - almost nobody wears cowboy hats, those that do are tourists
> Texas. And yes you would make the adjustment fine most likely if you are
> well traveled and used to cultural differences anyway.

        <sigh> ... I just couldn't do it.  I guess I considered Hartford to be
Gawd's Country.

> >Also, are the people super friendly as the rumors say they are?<

        When I went to WP/MJ and A-Basin in early season (i.e.: natives and no
tourons except me), I was stunned at how great everyone was to me.  They
all told me to come back soon.

> Well Denver is made up 1/2 of Californians these days, super friendly to
> your face but stab you in the back with a chance - its the hollywood
> life is how you seem not how you really are .  .  . smoke and mirrors.

        <gulp>  I've never been there, but L.A. sounds terrifying to me.  SF
intrigues me, though.  I'd love to see the redwoods and Lou Dawson's book
Wild Snow makes a claim that Mt Shasta might be the greatest ski mountain
in the World.