On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Marla K. Roberson wrote:

The cheapest  way to ship to India from USA  is
by M-Bag - it costs about $ 1 for a pound of books.
Your post office will give you directions as to
how to pack the books for a M-Bag !

Dr Malpani, MD

> Good morning all,
> I meant to put this question on earlier this week and I don't THINK I did.
> But it has been a long week, so if I've have already posted it, just ignore
> this.
> I'm also on the BackMed list (exchange list for medical journals/books). I
> have had a request to send some of my duplicates to India.  I've done some
> cost checking and it is very expensive (cheapest way I have located so far
> is $30US  for 13 pounds).  The person I am sending this to in India has
> suggested shipping via boat.  My mail people have no idea how to do this.
> Can anyone suggest the process this involves or who I should contact? Does
> anyone else have any ideas for sending out of country or know of anyone
> going to India that might like to take some journals for me.  I know there
> are various organizations that do this, but I have no idea if they would
> deliver to a specific place.
> Thanks for the help.
> Marla Roberson
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