Lately, both CAPHIS and MEDLIB have had a lot of  video requests.  Beyond
NLM Locator and Dialog files, two sources I recommend include the CINAHL
database (limit to Publication Type=Audiovisual) and the Combined Health
Information Database (CHID), free at  CHID has a
"Detailed Search" option that allows searches by format.

Also, especially if you don't have OCLC access, try other online catalogs,
especially those which are statewide like WISCAT -  (a free online resource with more than 6 milion

I don't respond individually to most of these requests because I can't speak
to the quality of the programs, which is usually part of your question.
Most AV vendors allow free previews or on approval purchase. I strongly
recommend preview before purchase and involving health professionals in the
evaluation process.

Hope this helps - Peg

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