NCME produced two other videotapes that you may also want to consider although they are not on alternative medicine in general. 

"Nutrition and Primary Care: Making the Connection" includes information on diet fads and "Nutritional Supplements: What's Hot and What's Fact" deals with melatonin, DHEA, chromium picolinate, antioxidants, and other nutritional supplements in popular use.  

As already mentioned, NCME's videotapes are included in their subscription service but may also be purchased separately by calling (800) 223-0272.

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There is an NCME (Network for Continuing Medical Education) video #691from
called "Alternative Medicine:  when Your Patient Asks".  This is a
service but they may sell individual titles also.  Their phone # is:
1-800-223-0272.  Hope this helps, Martha P.
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