Okay, now that you have the attachment(s) in a directory, you can open
Windows Explorer (Start Button, Programs, Wiindows Explorer). The techie
thing to do, if you haven't already done it, is click 'view' on the menu
bar, 'options' and un-check 'Hide MS-DOS extensions' and then the 'Okay'
button. Then 'view', details. Now click on 'view', 'refresh' and Windows
Explorer will give you a file structure that is usable.

If you now go to the directory where the minutes.wpd is located, double
click on 'minutes.wpd' and a pop-up box will appear and ask what program
you want to use to open this extension with. Scroll down and choose
'Winword'. Now every time you double click on a file that was created in
WordPerfect, Word will automatically launch and open the minutes.


Back to the Windows Explorer. Now that you have the details showning, any
of the column headings over the files (on the right side pane) can be used
as sort filters. Alphabetic/reverse alpha, size/reverse size, and date
modified/asending-descending. These sort features work in all windows
programs that have column heading and is very useful in e-mail programs to
sort by sender or date.
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