Okay, my committee rocks by the way. We are having dinner together Thursday night at 6:00 so I will not be able to attend the executive meeting. I know it's appeals, but I am putting my committee first. Of course if it's a problem, let me know.
I can give you a full update on the Grand Old Committee if you like.
Lastly, Erik and I are trying to hunt down an old copy of the professor evaluation thingy that we have been wondering about and who made the damn thing. If we can find that, we are on our way to a bigger and better one. We just need to find out how they did it and who they is and if we can do it again. So, that's all for now. I hope life isn't too stressful but if it is, trust me, I understand, even though you have a few years on me you geezer :) Lata duuuuuude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12:52 PM 3/30/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Members of the Senate,
>        I will not be in attendace at this evening's general assembly meeting on
>3/30/99.  Therefore, I offer you the following report from my office at
>this time:
>Appointments:  The Appointments Com. is no longer appointing Senator's to
>the Senate due to the upcoming elections.  We are currently still
>appointing students to UVM Committees and reviewing our committee structure.
>Gateway:  Last Thursday, Senator Trebilcock and myself attended the Gateway
>Committee Meeting.  The project is now in the prelimenary schematic phase
>in which site-location, size, space, and general concept components are
>being considered.  I will be posting drafts of potential concepts in the
>office by the end of this week.  The committee will be meeting again
>towards the end of April.
>Library Advisory:  The meeting for this week with Sen. Havlin and myself
>has been cancelled and is being re-scheduled.
>Elections:  Elections for Senate begin tomorrow and on Thurs. as well.  The
>esteemed Secretary of elections will give you all the info.  Same rules
>apply.  Let's have a large, fair election again.  Last week's election was
>the closest in SGA history and had a very large turnout.
>Announcements:  Wed. 3/31/99 301 Williams at 7pm Coll.Repub. sponsoring a
>Kosovo discussion panel.
>        If you have any further questions or concerns please see me.  Wishing you
>all a good meeting and a good weekend.  Take care.
>Robert A. Pontbriand
>SGA Vice-President.
      Jocelyn Corradi
      301 Wright Hall
   University of Vermont
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