I spoke with Progressive city counselor Chapin Spencer (who voted against)
tonight after the senate meeting regarding their resolution regarding 18+
events downtown.  He confirmed that, at least temporarily, such events have
been banned.  Every one of us can name several reasons why this situation
is simply unacceptable.  On that note, it would be a very good thing if we
could flood every relevant Burlington media outlet with editorials in the
next week or two.  Below, please find the information for the BFP, Seven
Days, and Vermont Times (probably shouldn't overlook the Cynic either).
Attached is also a list of just about every other one in the state.  It
might be a good idea for those of you who are from VT to send a quick
little something out to your hometown paper detailing the situation up here
at UVM  (OR, this may not be a good idea, discretion is key here.  I know
nothing of the nature of any of these other publications).  Also, if
someone brings forth a resolution pertaining to this at next week's
meeting, we should invite local TV.
        We would be blind not to recognize that this mobilization initiative WILL
add fuel to a rather dormant fire.  Currently, there is very little press
attention being paid to this resolution and student issues downtown in
general.  We run the very real risk of community backlash by mobilizing
students around this.  Having said that, I think this is a great thing for
us to be doing.  Tasteful editorials are a great tool.  Make sure you sign
it "UVM SGA Senator (your name here)"!
        One more thing - I'm guessing the administration didn't have a thing to
say about this?  Wouldn't it be novel if they'd throw a little weight
around to protect OUR interests (read: rights) one of these days?

Chris A.

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