Hey -

  I just talked with a Mr. Gene Bergman, Assistant City Attorney for the
city of Burlington.  He was very informative.

  First, I don't know what the rumors floating around are, but let me
dispel and verify some of them:

  1)  Once clubs downtown begin to impose this resolution, they will not
necessarily close their doors to minors forever.  As it's stated, they may
still have 18+ nights, but on those nights they are not allowed to serve
alcohol.  I hope this dispels the rumor that those under 21 won't be able
to enjoy any club scene at all EVER after this is resolution implemented.
Mr. Bergman has no knowledge as to how many clubs will decide to keep 18+
nights in their agenda.

  2)  This resolution has been taking effect on all new licenses after
December 7, 1998 (when the resolution was passed by the City Council).
Currently, there are two establishments that must abide by this law - Club
Extreme and Bottlenecks.

  3)  Also, the licenses for all other establishments downtown will expire
on April 30, 1999.  Therefore, on May 1, all clubs downtown will have new
licenses and must abide by this resolution.  This is contrary to the rumor
I've been hearing that March 31, 1999 (today) will be the last day of
downtown freedom.

  Also, Mr. Bergman told me that the Liquor Control Committee (a City
Council sub-committee) will be reviewing the effectiveness of this
resolution upon Extreme and Bottlenecks in April.

  I proposed to Mr. Bergman for him to come and speak to the SGA on this
topic.  He made it clear that he would consider speaking with us, should he
be given a spot on the agenda with a clearly defined topic (I guess he
wants to avoid getting into a long-winded argument).  My understanding is
that he would be glad to provide information and answer questions, but not
to defend himself the City's motives.

  I hope this is helpful ...


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