I was going to avoid this, but here goes...

I did an AltaVista search and found that this poem (is claimed to be) is
written by Linda Ellis, and is copyrighted <surprise, surprise> .  Her
web site has many other poems she has written, and info on how to order
a book she publishes.

Her web site is

You can write also write to her through an email link and tell her how
you feel.

I gave a talk on "My Faith Journey" to my church on Wednesday night, and
thought about using this poem, but I was already quoting a hymn text
and another text to a choir anthem my college choir used to sing, so it
would have put people in the Poetry Danger Zone...

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> Subject:      ?  Who wrote the "dash" (dash between years) poem?
> Earlier in the week I saw a poem on the Medlib, titled
>         How are you spending your dash?
> I don't remember who sent it, or if a source/author was given.  Can
> someone help identify?
> Yhnaks to whomever wrote/sent this one.  It touches a cord in several
> of
> the readers here .