I posted a question to the list asking for ideas for an easy way to dispose of discarded books.  A couple folks asked for a summary of replies, so here goes.  If anyone is interested in the individual responses, let me know and I'll send them along.

I received about 30 responses. 

Nearly all strongly suggested stamping withdrawn on the books in such a way that they would be readily identified should they wander back.  One includes a warning that the information may be outdated.  Along that line, one person expressed strong concerns about outdated books going to the departments since folks tend to grab what's at hand.   

Some held items and put them out periodically. 
Some put items out as they came in. 
Some set time limits for the display.
Some sent out global e-mails.
One suggested putting a notice in the Hospital Newsletter.
One puts up posters.
Some didn't mention notices; some stated that they didn't send them.

Two suggested letting select folks, like administrators, chief residents, clinic administrators, department heads, and such, have first crack.  Most recommended a "first come, first served" philosophy.

Beyond that, they seemed to divide themselves into two categories, "giveaways" and "booksales".

Giveaways - Lot's of folks put the items on a cart or shelf in the Library 
One found a separate room to put the materials in.
Two put them in cardboard boxes either in the Library, or just outside.
One uses a Library table.
One offers them to a local public library
One puts them in a trash can in the Library (It is true, people do love to go 
      Dumpster Diving.)

Booksales - Shelves or carts were popular here, too.
Prices varied from $0.50 to $10 (for multivolume sets)
One mentioned an upcoming article "Selling Used Books: A Guide for Librarians" 
    by Lindsey Hoffman.  It will be a Guest Column in the April 1 Issue of  The One-
    Person Library: A Newsletter for Librarians and Management.
Some use the funds generated for extras like plants; some had to turn theirs in to 
    the general fund.
One conducts a silent auction.

As for me - I think I'll do the freebee shelf, cart, or box.  Not I just have to find the empty space*

Thanks sooooo much for all your input!

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