I'm sorry, it sounds like your reading physicians are not readily available
to you.
I think what is really important is that the technologists and the reading
physicians communicate well.  There is a trust between the two that has to
This is not built when one is hired but as the technologist displays the
knowledge and performace skills necessary to have the trust.
The Reader is only as good as thier tech.

Do you have open communication with your Readers?
I was lucky to work with some great Radiologists and Vascular Surgeons as
well  as Cardiologists who respected my opinion , discussed the case with me
and took the time to answer my questions. I also have worked with some really
difficult ones.
Hope you can work out your frustrations.  A tech Impression is just that, it
is what you saw.  It isn't going to change once the Reader reads it.  If the
Referring Physician has questions on what you saw, or as many do, want to
know what to do, then they can call the reading physician and let the two of
them work it out.
But that's just my opinion--