I think (hope) that this will be of interest to at least a few of the
people on the list.  As many of you know I've given quite a few -- 60
or so -- presentations on community networks over the past few years
and I've (finally) gotten several of them up on the web.  Some of them
have 30 or so "slides" associated with them.  The information on them
is still basically timely in my opinion.  (My concerns about
over-commercialization of the net -- unfortunately -- may have been not
pessmistic enough, however!)

Anyway, if you've like to see what I've put on the web, please check
out the web pages.  I'm hoping that some of the material warrants
recycling into some of your own presentations!

My other information (including appendices from my book) is at ("Community Networking Movement").  It's
not as up-to-date as I'd like, unfortunately.

Thanks!  Good luck to all of us!

-- Doug