Twin Cities Free-Net (TCFN), a nonprofit online service, seeks to hire a
part-time system administrator.  TCFN is a UNIX system, currently running
IRIX 6.5.3 but soon to move to Linux or FreeBSD.  The server is co-located
with a major Internet provider.  System administration and technical
support are currently conducted by approximately 10 volunteers.  TCFN has
one other employee, a part-time General Manager.

Hours: an average of 15 per week, 50 weeks a year.  At least two hours must be
       scheduled, the rest flexible, including some off-peak hours for
       system maintenance.

Pay: $10,500 per 50-week year.

Required Experience:
  * 2 years UNIX experience, preferably including Linux and/or FreeBSD.  IRIX
    experience a plus.
  * Familiarity with PC-compatible hardware, SCSI, ethernet.
  * At least one year experience maintaining multi-user systems.
  * Competence in Perl and C.
  * Tech-support experience a plus.
  * Knowledge of Lynx, Pine, Sendmail, Apache, and Majordomo.  Knowledge of
    online conferencing software (we use Caucus) a plus.

  * Monitor logs and backups regularly, and take prompt action when problems
  * Supervise and coordinate system-administration and technical-support
    volunteers via Caucus conferences and e-mail.
  * Maintain documentation for custom software.
  * Communicate regularly with the general manager, board of directors, and

Submit cover letter and resume to the address below by April 15, 1999.

Twin Cities Free-Net
attn: System Administrator
P.O. Box 50503
Minneapolis, MN 55405-0503