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> Can anybody tell me how much Killington tickets are
> now?

I was wondering the same thing today, so I decided to
give them a call.  Full-day adult tickets are $36.75
and half-day tickets are $29.  The web site says the
$10-off deal with a lift ticket from this season is
good until June, so I assume it applies to whatever
they're currently charging.

On Sunday I had to go pick someone up at the train
station in Rutland and we decided to drive past
Killington on our way back to Midd.  There's still a
ton of snow left on Superstar, Skye Lark and some of
the K-Peak trails.  Skye Hawk also looks good, but has
some bare on the sides.  I couldn't see any snow on
Snowdon Mountain, but the lift was running to the top.
 The most amazing thing was the lack of crowds for a
Sunday.  I understand that people don't like to ski
when the forecast calls for rain, but there were more
empty chairs going up the Superstar quad than there
were chairs with people!

Sugarbush, now the only other mountain still open in
VT, reduced their lift tickets again to $15.  Only the
Super Bravo quad this week, but Heaven's Gate might
reopen for the weekend.

I'm hoping for another 3-4 days before I call it a
season, which would bring my total up to 81 or 82

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